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18/10/2013 18:45  OÜ Head has successfully prepared detail plan for Tilgu Port.
OÜ Head has successfully prepared in co-operation with Harku Municipality a detail land use plan for Tilgu municipal port in Harku Municipality near Tabasalu. The land on the port area belongs to Harku Municipality.

The purpose of the detail plan was to enable to enlargement of old Tilgu port into modern jachting marina. In future the port will hopefully be able to prove port services for up to 160 boats or jacts at the same time. From the port is also planned tourist boat services. 

The detail plan was approved by Harku Municipal Conunsil at 17.11.2013 and is now valid. The planning documents can be seen at Harku Municipality homepage (planning documents are in Estonian language).

Planning of ports is in Estonia the most complicated planning process onwards from the summer of 2009, when some major updates were made in Esonian Planning Act. Planning of ports demands top-level knowledge of how make the port to function, meet environmental conditions and get all the needed approvals, interact with public etc. We are gladly willing to share our know-how of port planning also in future.

Photo: The homepage of Tilgu sadam

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