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18/02/2014 17:01  OÜ Head is consulting detail land use plan for the Enefit oil plants in Vaivara
OÜ Head has contracts with Vaivara Municipality and AS Eesti Energia Õlitööstus (Enefit) for consulting the detail land use plan for new Enefit oil plants area in Vaivara. 
In 2009 Eesti Energia started building the first of the next generation of oil plants near Narva in Vaivara. The first Enefit plant will use 2.26 million tonnes of oil shale each year to produce 290,000 tonnes of shale oil, 75 million m3 of the highly energy-efficient retort gas and 280 GWh of electricity. Now Eesti Energia is planning to expand it's Enefit oil productions plants in Vaivara (Eastern Estonia) and is planning up to 4 similar plants with the first one. The new plants will use the latest Enefit technology, which has been developed jointly by Eesti Energia and the international engineering company Outotec.

At the moment the co-operation has lead to planning draft of detail land use plan. The approval process of the plan will follow prior to it's public display.

Pöyry Management Consulting Oy is preparing the SEA report of the detail land use plan. OÜ Head-s task has been also including the environmental conditions from SEA report to final draft of the detail plan.

Video and picture: Enefit home page.

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