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16/03/2015 07:18  Kaur Lass will be moderating first European Conference on Conscious Initiative
The first European Conscious Initiative Conference will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on 7-th of May 2015. The topics of the conference are: "Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Innovation." 

This is an event for leaders and entrepreneurs, who value initiative, innovation, and paying attention. Leaders whos intuition has the power to take us onto a new path. It is about taking your idea to action. 

It will be a day filled with novel ideas, practical examples, and insights, applicable now. 

The conference presents the innovators & entrepreneurs of the new economy, who do things differently. The speakers are looking and applying for fresh solutions to solve known problems. Their main tools are observation, exploration, and insight – skills that have not been emphasized this way before.

See agenda and speakers:

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