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09/09/2019 06:54  The new detail plan for the Enefit oil plants is valid valid from 28.11.2019
OÜ Head advised Enefit AS with preparation of a new detail plan for new Enefit oil production plants (green), oil refinery (blue) and one of the largest existing oil shale electricity plants (white on the illustration) in Estonia, near Narva in Auvere.

Planning area wise it was one of the biggest detail land use plans ever prepared within Estonia, covering more than 424 ha of land with several very complicated technological complexes.

The detail plan that became valid from 28.11.2019 allows Enefit AS to build up to four new oil plants near Narva, each with the capacity to use more than 2 million tonnes of oil shale each year to produce up to 290,000 tonnes of shale oil annually. Those 4 new plants will use the latest Enefit technology, which has been developed jointly by Eesti Energia and the international engineering company Outotec. Enefit has also planned to build a modern oil refinery so that it can bring different oil products to the global market. 

This was one of the longest detail planning processes that we have been involved with. It was an environmentally and technologically complex solution. At the same time with the plan, the SEA report was prepared and environmental conditions agreed. 

Video and pictures: Enefit.

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